Vests! This post is a long time in the making…each person has their own individual style and that is what makes it fun!  I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some great friends and family (my sister makes an appearance folks) who support me and were more than happy to be on the blog–plus enough photos of me already 🙂 Each were tasked with styling the green vest…below are the group shots, including some fun outtakes…Check back over the next few days to hear from each person on what they wore and how they describe their personal style and remember one style doesn’t fit all, one style fits one!

Shop the vest (comes in gray too):



Starting off “BASIC”

Putting on our best serious faces

Singing Summer Lovin’ from Grease…in case you can’t tell the amazing (I think I can sing face) runs in the family

So do sweet dance moves

Check back for how to shop each look and hear about each person’s style!