Don’t you just love it when the stars align or in this case polka dots and you get to check something off your list that you have always wanted to do? In this case it was doing a blog shoot in the same piece with my mom and sister. Now that may seem like an easy task, however between the distance, schedule, different styles and body types– NOT SO EASY! However, leave it to one of my favorite brands, Who What Wear at one of my fave stores, Target to provide the perfect piece. Oh and did I mention we could to do this very special shoot with the one and only Beth Caldwell on my sisters birthday (HEART EXPLOSION).

Midi skirts have long been a trendy piece, but one that can also be intimidating. If you are looking to give this trend a try, let two of the most amazing women I know provide some inspiration. Being transparent, unfortunately this specific skirt is sold out online (check your local store) and here is a link to a very similar one:


Sister Sister

My sister has such great style and lives in skirts, so on any given day she is rocking some fabulous dress or frock with a bit of vintage edge. She paired the skirt with her go-to top and a belt she borrowed from one of her dresses and then topped it off with the yellow beret!! LOVE!!


Marvelous Mama

My mother has long instilled in me a love for fashion and shopping, and I have loved to see her style evolve over time. She is always up for trying just about anything including this skirt. Now she does have a love for matching so she snagged the coordinating sweatshirt and a great belt to finish the look. What’s not to like?!



I decided to go outside of my comfort zone for this one…I mean YOLO right? I bought this sheer top as a layering piece, but thought I would let it shine on its own with this skirt. Plus my mom told me it wasn’t “too sexy” and we all know Mother Knows Best. I kept the rest simple with one of my go-to statement earrings, bracelets and this pair of sold out shoes which honestly have gotten so much more wear than I would could have ever imagined (another Who What Wear winner).



Huge thanks to these amazing women for the unwavering support!