Honestly, I have had a hard time writing this blog post….it is hard to put into to words exactly how I feel. Long story short, I feel thankful EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for all that I have including to be a citizen of the USA! One of the most beautiful things about living in this country is the First Amendment. You know the one that allows me to write this little blog and express all of my opinions, the same one that allows you to get into heated debates with friends and neighbors on issues big and small.

I am lucky enough to call the amazingly talented Jen Jean Pierre a friend and it was so fun for our first shoot together to be about clothes with meaning. Three things about Jen:

1. She is legit model status (I am incredibly awkward in front of the camera, especially with a serious face and she has poses for DAAAAAYS), example below…


2. Jen and her hubby Jermaine scouted the perfect location and Jermaine took the photos and clearly is an expert in front of the camera too (I mean I guess models marry models):

3. She is one of the most talented people I know and we always have too much fun together!  Make sure you check out her take on this shoot as well and follow her over on instagram!

So my message today is have your voice heard, but be open to hearing others-JUST DO IT!


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