Here on Haute Navy the first Friday of each month will be focused on Paying It Forward. After being touched by the Jayden Lamb story, I decided I wanted to do something each week, something I could hold myself accountable for, so each Friday I buy the person behind me in line their coffee.

If you just watched the above video, I will give you a second to wipe your eyes so you can see that in our first installment we are featuring  Becca’s Closet A fantastic organization aimed at giving prom dresses to deserving young women. I was fortune enough to be introduced to this organization a few years ago, so I invite you to give those bridesmaid, prom, formal, wedding guest, cotillion or whatever  dresses you were told “you can totally wear  again” to some young women who would love to have a special dress to call their own. Click here for more information on donating.

I realize their a tons of organizations that deserve attention, so please share with me in the comments some of your favorites and just for fun, below is a Flashback Friday from my first of many stints as a bridesmaid (Becca’s Closet was the recipient of this dress).