Have you ever had an encounter that leads to something else and you just can’t help but think it was meant to be….well that is how this story begins.  The day before my photo shoot with Chancelor of Keep Pittsburgh Dope I was perusing his gorgeous instagram feed and stumbled upon the most amazing pair of camo pants (you know I love some camo :)). I commented on the photo to see if I could track them down and was responded to by none other than fashion designer Kiya Tomlin herself. Now at first glance, these pants were gorgeous but were featured on a beautiful tall, long legged model, so I wasn’t sure these would be for me. Side note, Kiya is incredible at having the some of the most diverse models I have seen.  Fast forward a couple of weeks and I had the opportunity to no only try-on (and purchase these amazing pants), but to meet the one and only Kiya Tomlin at Ladie’s Tailgate event which was held at her brand new workshop and  included a one-of-a kind fashion show.

Now you all know honesty is what you always get here at Haute Navy, so I must tell you that I thought all of Kiya’s designs (that I had seen prior to the show/new line launch) were gorgeous, but a lot were outside of my comfort zone. However, as I encourage all of you to push yourselves a little, I had to take my own advice and boy am I glad I did. I tried on things I never thought I could wear and honestly fell in love with EVERY.SINGLE.THING.

Now what sets Kiya’s line apart  is the amazing bamboo fabric and details–truly umatched. And what is so great about bamboo fabric, well let’s start with 1) It’s sustainable 2) It’s biodegradable (not that you would EVER want to part with these pieces) 3) It breathes well 4)It’s wrinkle and static resistant 5) It skims the body (think sizes for all) in all of the right places..need I go on?

So let’s just say I have become one of Kiya’s biggest fans (pun intended).

Now onto the amazing night hosted by Kiya and team:

FYI-these are photos taken on my iphone 🙂

Arriving at the amazing new location–that is tiny me in the camo in the corner 🙂

Inside of the store was just gorgeous and the perfectly styled for the “Ladies Tailgate” theme..

After we had a yummy cocktail and cupcake we headed outside for the big fashion show- hands down best music for a show EVER!

Then popped back inside to do some try-ons!

Had to start with the camo pants: https://bit.ly/2OObBQz

The pants are currently at the store being hemmed, Kiya can make any piece fit exactly for you–does it get any better?!

Tee (gorgeous neckline and SO SOFT): https://bit.ly/2Lgy32M

Smock (aka long sleeveless piece): https://bit.ly/2PobEnj

Now this is something that I wouldn’t have ever tried on and ended up falling in love with it…also the most asked about piece from my instagram stories! I have a highlight on my instagram of the entire night, make sure to check it out!

Baseball tee: https://bit.ly/2MD2pkv

Classic hoodie: https://bit.ly/2nSovl5

MY FAVE PIECE OF THE ENTIRE NIGHT and yes, I do have shorts on: https://bit.ly/2MGuU0P

So needless to say this will be one of many times I will stop in Kiya’s new spot. Huge congrats to Kiya on this new space and launch! Thanks for allowing this newly minted Pittsburgh gal be a part of it!